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Religious Instruction in School Hours

​Religious instruction classes are available at the school.  These classes are conducted on Wednesday from 11:45am-12:15pm.

The faith groups who provide approved instructors to deliver religious instruction are:


​Arrangements for Programs ​Participating faith group/s ​Program of instruction authorised by the faith group.
Co-operative Program​

​Church of England


Seventh Day Adventist


Christian Education Publications and Sermons for kids.​
Catholic Program​ ​Catholic ​Christ our Light and Life (CCD Publications Sydney)
 Students are allocated to these classes in accordance with the information provided on the completed Parent Notice for Religious Instruction forms (RIS-C1 and RIS-C2).  This information remains operational unless the parent informs the school otherwise in writing.


Students who are not participating in religious instruction will undertake lessons in the  52 virtues, which is not about the practices and beliefs of any particular faith but is instead about virtues to bring out the best in children. 

Some of these include:

assertiveness ​caring ​cleanliness ​courtesy
​determination ​flexibility ​friendliness ​generosity
​honesty ​justice ​kindness ​patience
​reliability ​respect ​responsibility ​tolerance

A full list of virtues can be found in "The Family Virtues Guide' Popov, L and Kavelin, J published in 1997 by Plume Press.